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Powerful Leverage to help you Grow

You need to hire for several positions and fast. The good news is, the world is flat and there are incredible opportunities for leverage as you scale. We are masters of recruiting leverage. 

To quickly build an extensive candidate pipeline and provide a short-list, we have a Turn-Key talent team ready for you, including; researchers, sourcers, recruiters, coordinators, and account managers.

Today, recruiting can mostly be done with a laptop and a phone, so why limit yourself? We have built a high functioning and results driven team of recruiters across the Americas. We like the Americas because candidate experience and your employment brand matter. You don't want just anyone representing your company. Having your recruiting team in the Americas means U.S. style conversational English (not scripted), the same business hours, and similar working style. 

Our team members have been trained on the best practices of surgical sourcing, creative reach-outs, telling our client's stories, creating engagement, and driving candidate pipeline in a hurry.

We have helped dozens of companies. Some highlights:

1) 9 software engineering offers in 60 days for a VC funded tech company

2) 5 engineering hires in the first 48 days for a tech company seeking to triple in size after funding.

2) Screened thousands of light industrial candidates for a major factory across the U.S., yielding hundreds of hires each quarter. 



The best recruiters in the Americas ready to help fast-growing companies when they need it.

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Bali is led by Brian Samson, a 4x head of recruiting and recipient of ERE's top global recruiting department of the year. Brian has been leveraging talent throughout the globe to help him scale hyper-growth companies for over a decade. His thoughts on talent have been featured in Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Brian has hand selected the top senior and client facing recruiters for their attitude, persistence, and ability to get results.


It's not all A.I. Recruiting is an art and a science. The art is understanding the nuances, asking the right questions, and engaging the relevant people.

The science is organizing around repeatable systems and tools, which time and time again generate pipelines of short-lists along with data uncovering bottlenecks and action plans.

We hand-pick the top recruiters throughout the Americas and no challenge is too hard

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Our team handles everything from full-cycle recruiting to research, resume reviews, phone interviews, and handing off candidates to the client. Our recruiters are experienced hiring G&A, Technical, and Light Industrial candidates.


We begin your project with a small recruiting team (as few as one resource) and can scale up to 10 additional recruiters per month. When the project is over, you own the entire candidate and resume database we have accumulated for you.

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We are always on the hunt for the best recruiting talent in the Americas. For inquiries or to send your profile, please contact our General Manager: Lazaro Borges. lazaro@balistaffing.com

We prioritize the following:

  1. Mature professionals - do what you say you will do

  2. Flexible work arrangements, all you need is a phone and internet 

  3. Grit and Persistence. Nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude and approach

  4. Rewarding great performance. Great compensation and opportunities for growth

  5. Learning is an endless pursuit. We invest in constant training and improvement


We are looking for sourcers and recruiters who love the thrill of the hunt! You enjoy the challenge of deep boolean search, creative messaging, and connecting with hard to reach talent. We have opportunities to work on projects with some of the most exciting tech companies in the states.


If you are high energy, love being on the phone, and driving big numbers, we have several great clients who are scaling fast. This role often includes variable pay (bonuses) based on performance.



Brian Samson

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